1C1 Community Engagement Solutions

1COMMUNITY1 Community Engagement Solutions help local businesses take advantage of creative communication strategies and digital technologies to build meaningful relationships with new and existing clients and to connect with the local community.

Creative and technical support along with visualized business intelligence helps businesses:

  • Formulate & initiate strategic plans
  • Increase business efficiencies
  • Increase revenue/funding opportunities

Some of the components of 1C1 Community Engagement Solutions include:

1C1 Interactive Visual Membership

The 1C1 - IVM is a centre hub for community initiatives involving businesses and NFPs that need to connect to their members/clients base to establish meaningful connections. The platform enables local businesses and NFPs to boost interactivity with members/clients, track data and increase efficiencies.



1C1 Interactive Community Event

1C1 - ICE is an outreach activity designed to help local businesses and NFPs connect with potential, new and existing clients/members in a real-world environment. As a result, businesses and NFPs strengthen relationships, gain feedback, business intelligence and new clients/members.



1C1 Gamified Engagement Layer (upcoming)

Interactions, challenges, themes and gameplay opportunities increase engagement between citizen, business and municipalities, contributing to the social well-being of the community. Businesses have an option to participate through the 1C1 Business Engagement Layer. Learn more!



1C1 Community Engagement Platform

Each municipality in the Durham Region will have a municipal-specific Community News Portal and a Community Engagement Platform.

We have partnered with Durham College DC ORSIE Department and the AI Hub to develop 1C1 technology for the Community Engagement Platforms.

In Phase I (Aug – Oct 2019): DC Students will build the backend architecture design for regionalized, accessible, scalable, secure and AI compatible platforms.

Funded via the College Voucher for Technology Adoption (CVTA) through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

The 1C1 project is supported and endorsed by Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster, the Municipality of Clarington and the Clarington Board of Trade (CBOT).

Business Sign-up

Are you a business in the Durham Region? You could benefit by creating a profile on the 1COMMUNITY1 Community Engagement Platform!

Sign up in advance and learn of special initiatives that could help your business connect to residents in the Durham Region.

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