1COMMUNITY1 (1C1) offers Community Engagement Solutions that focus on developing municipal communities. Through on-line and real-world applications, 1COMMUNITY1 strengthens interaction and creates meaningful relationships between citizen, business and government on a local level.

On-line applications include a municipal-specific Community News Portal and Community Engagement Platform for each of the eight municipalities in the Durham Region (Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington, Scugog, Uxbridge, Brock).

Real-world applications include 1C1 Business Solutions, 1C1 Events and 1C1 Sponsored/Endorsed Events.

1COMMUNITY1 is a pilot project in the Durham Region that encourages community connections, regional development and community values (cooperation, integrity, honesty, respect, inclusion, accessibility, communication, collaboration, responsibility, accountability and transparency).

1COMMUNITY1 has partnered with Durham College DC ORSIE Department and the AI Hub in the development of 1C1 technology requirements. Phase I of the project is generously funded via the College Voucher for Technology Adoption (CVTA) through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

The 1C1 project is supported and endorsed by Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster, the Municipality of Clarington and the Clarington Board of Trade (CBOT).



Elsii Faria, Chief Communications Officer

Elsii has a 20+ year career in communications, event and social management with a wide range of critical and creative skills related to strategy development, content creation and effective relationship building.

Elsii works with government, local organizations, businesses, stakeholders and partners to build community and grow the economy.

She is an award-winning artist with a Masters, Fine Art – Multi-Media and specializes in creating interactive environments using digital media and real-world elements.

Kevin Craddock, Chief Technology Officer

An explorer of all things creative and innovative.

Kevin’s passion for leading edge technologies and 20+ years of professional experience with interactive media and programming has enabled the creation of dynamic and engaging solutions for businesses, NFPs and municipalities.

Kevin progresses 1C1 combining creativity and technology to engage citizen, business and government in meaningful and interactive relationships. 


Community Portals

Durham Region

Each municipality in the Durham Region has a 1C1 Community Portal with community, business and government information that is municipal specific.

If you would like to act as a 1C1 Media Contributor to provide blogs, articles, photos, video, etc. for your municipal platform, please connect with us: