1C1 Community Engagement Solutions

Strengthens and Creates Meaningful Community Connection

1COMMUNITY1 Community Engagement Solutions help businesses connect to new and existing members through creative communication strategies and digital technologies that facilitate community engagement.

Combines creativity with technology to increase engagement and collect and visualize data.

1C1 Interactive Visual Membership (1C1-IVM)

The 1C1-IVM is a centre hub that enables businesses to connect to clients/members to establish meaningful connections. The platform helps to boost interactivity and increase efficiencies while tracking data for visualized reporting.

1C1 Business Engagement Layer (1C1-BEL)

1C1-BEL are business solutions that help attract new clients/members, build value for existing clients/members, and increase revenue/funding opportunities.

The following solutions are components of 1C1-BEL:

1C1-BEL Customer Relationship Management (1C1‑BEL-CRM)

An environment designed to help businesses engage, manage and analyze interactions with potential and existing clients to build meaningful relationships and drive sales/business growth.

1C1-BEL Outreach Engagement Portal (1C1‑BEL-OEP)

Designed to help businesses connect to an external audience in order to grow membership or reach a target market. In some cases, 1C1 provides a custom landing page, a communications piece and an on-line form to capture information and interest.

1C1-BEL Members Internal Marketplace (1C1‑BEL-MIM)

A members-only marketplace for users of the 1C1-IVM. Members can feature key products and services for viewing and purchase.

1C1-BEL Business Access Portal (1C1‑BEL-BAP)

Offers exclusive curated views of segments within the 1C1-1VM, e.g. members can feature content available for public or exclusive consumption by a specific user group.

1C1-BEL Interactive Gamified Connection (1C1‑BEL-IGC) upcoming

Dynamically represents businesses within the 1C1 Gamified Engagement Layer to stimulate creative community connections. Businesses leverage positive and engaging experiences that lead to increased loyalty and meaningful interactions.

1C1 Creative Engagement Initiatives (1C1-CEI)

1C1-CEI are communication initiatives within the 1C1-IVM to interest, engage, educate and inform members/clients on behalf of your business. High quality professional content delivered on a consistent basis builds the business brand and trust with members/clients. View 1C1-CEI Feature Sheet.

1C1 Interactive Learning System (1C1-ILS)

1C1-ILS enables educational opportunities that create fun, interesting and engaging methods for learning. Businesses utilize a creative, visual environment to educate new and existing clients/members, train employees, and access business intelligence with visualized data.

1C1 Gamified Engagement Layer (1C1 – GEL)

New interactions, challenges, themes and gameplay opportunities will increase engagement between citizen, business and municipalities. Citizens benefit from participating in fun, adventurous, educational and rewarding challenges/discoveries. Municipalities help contribute to the health and social well-being of the community. Businesses have an option to participate through the 1C1 Business Engagement Layer.