1COMMUNITY1 Business Solution Services

1C1 Business Solution Services

1COMMUNITY1 connects you and your business to your local community – strengthening your brand and business, increasing visibility and building positive customer relationships.

From small business printing needs to corporate profiles and identities, 1COMMUNITY1 Business Solutions are designed to help you succeed.

Social Media – Profile Development, Content Creation, Marketing

Let 1COMMUNITY1 create a consistent, high quality brand image throughout your Social Media channels. Social Media management and client engagement can be included in an on-going service package to increase customer growth, satisfaction and retention.

Understand your customer demographic with statistics and social media analytics generated by 1COMMUNITY1.

1C1 Social Media Services
profile development
content generation
imaging & design
client engagement
analytics, statistics

Social Media Project Examples

Website – Design, Development, Maintenance

Website projects vary in size and complexity. 1COMMUNITY1 can help you launch a DIY WordPress website or create a custom HTML solution that is dynamic and data driven. Tell us about your business and we can show you solutions that will fit your budget and grow your online customer engagement.

1C1 Website Services
content generation

Website Project Examples

Ecommerce – Design, Development, Operation

1COMMUNITY1 has partnered with Store-Front.ca to bring you a complete ecommerce solution for your small to medium sized business. Integrate your online store with your retail location and take advantage of customer purchasing data to drive your marketing initiatives.

1C1 Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce Project Examples

Digital Collaboration – Webinars, E-Learning, Online Conference

The 1COMMUNITY1 Digital Collaboration Platform delivers an immersive experience that allows audience members to interact in a media rich and dynamic conferencing environment. Accessible across multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

1C1 can help you develop and present your information in an interesting on-line learning experience that will satisfy your clients with engaging content delivery.

full multi-media support
immersive environments
dynamic registration
visual interpretations of data
analytics and engagement monitoring tools

1C1 Digital Collaboration Services
on-line conference
design, development and content generation

Contact us to schedule an online preview of the 1COMMUNITY1 Digital Collaboration Platform.

Digital Collaboration Project Examples

Media – Image, Audio, Video, Animation

Visual impact, motion and sound – 1COMMUNITY1 can create the content for your next media experience. From dynamic video and animations to images that capture the message without words.

1C1 Media Services

graphic design and layout
photography and videography
video and audio recording, editing & enhancements
Photoshop / Image editing & enhancements
content creation

Media Services Project Examples

Canada Ontario Job Grant video

Print – Short-Run, Pro-Press, Large Format

1COMMUNITY1 can supply your business with every printing need. Business cards, postcards, flyers – we can print all forms of high quality collateral from small runs to large quantities. Need a catalogue, booket or corporate profile? We can help you from start to finish. Are you looking to produce large prints, interior banners or exterior signs? 1COMMUNITY1 can help you with your vision in vivid, high quality print products and solutions.

1C1 Print Services
collateral (business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, etc.)
booklets, programmes, catalogues
large format, banners, signs

Print Services Project Examples

Marketing & Communications – Content, Outreach, Engagement

Are you looking for increased exposure with professional and consistent content and imaging? 1COMMUNITY1 offers strategic conceptually driven marketing initiatives that strengthen brand and customer relations. Our multi-dimensional approach ensures that all of the bases are covered including print, web, social media and outreach.

1C1 Marketing and Communication Services
content marketing
social media
client engagement

Marketing and Communication Services Project Examples

Reporting – Analytics, Intelligence, Discovery

Content, information and data are connecting together in patterns that aren’t always apparent. With the right service you can begin to understand how your clients relate and react to the products and services your business is selling. 1COMMUNITY1 can trace these connections and interactions to help you discover information that will give your business a direct line to understanding your customer demographic.

1C1 Reporting Services
analytics, statistics
business intelligence
knowledge discovery

Reporting Services Project Examples