1C1 Centre

The need to reinforce the attachment to one’s physical community through the participation in events, conferences, meetings and social gatherings is seen as a pertinent extension to the 1C1 online community.

A dedicated 1COMMUNITY1 Centre will house these activities while at the same time reinforcing the 1C1 online platform in a physical space.

The centre will see the extension of the 1COMMUNITY1 platform sponsors and advertisers represented digitally and physically within the environment – offering a consistent, captivating experience with full brand recognition.

High profile sponsors would see the added benefit of designated sponsor areas where new technologies can be introduced to the community or municipal employees.

The 1COMMUNITY1 centre will educate, serve, inform and entertain all who are involved.


1COMMUNITY1 currently supports 1C1’s communal requirement with activities and events at The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee in Leskard within the municipality of Clarington.

The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee is a living example of the 1COMMUNITY1 model in the real world. It is a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment that enables meaningful community connections, promotes awareness and encourages personal growth.

The Hive’s quarterly Community Nights are sponsored by 1community1.org.

1COMMUNITY1 works in partnership with The Hive and other organizations to help deliver programming that meets the objectives of 1COMMUNITY1.

View upcoming 1COMMUNITY1 Events.

Be on the lookout as 1COMMUNITY1 expands its offerings to other locations throughout the Durham Region. Stay tuned!