1COMMUNITY1 is for everyone – citizen, business and government.

1COMMUNITY1 (1C1) is focused on the value of an individual’s role within a community and the importance of a community that is connected – both on-line and in the real-world.

It is vital for everyone to feel a part of the community where they reside by contributing to its achievements and success.

Citizens, business and government will have the opportunity to participate in the 1COMMUNITY1 Social Networking Solution on-line, using the 1COMMUNITY1 Social Networking Platform and in the real-world, through the 1COMMUNITY1 Magazine and 1COMMUNITY1 Centre.

The 1COMMUNITY1 Social Networking Solution encourages bi-directional communication and helps build relationships between citizens, businesses and government.

Bi-Directional Relationships:

  • Citizen to Citizen
  • Citizen to Government
  • Citizen to Business
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Government
  • Business to Citizen
  • Government to Government
  • Government to Citizen
  • Government to Business